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Our Mission & Philosophy



The name “Annuvia” comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “to renew life.”

We chose this name because it deeply resonated with our philosophy of doing business. As more and more studies show, increasing the preparedness of community members is not a cost, but an investment that can return as much as 16 times the investment.

Thus, making public and private places safer has enormous potential to save lives, save money, increase worker productivity, decrease insurance costs, and is simply the right thing to do.

Annuvia is an on-going demonstration that good safety is good business. For everyone.


Good Safety is Good Business

Annuvia helps you save lives, be more productive, and reduce risk through a full suite of services for implementing and maintaining your own emergency response team and creating a productive, sustainable workplace safety program.

  • We help you develop a workplace emergency response team that is ready to handle any eventuality.
  • We supply the required equipment (e.g. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and disaster kit supplies).
  • We train your organization's emergency response team to confidently react in the critical first moments of a medical emergency with our proven CPR training programs, first aid training programs, AED classes, and more.
  • We provide on-going workplace safety training and monitoring of the team's certifications and equipment status.
  • We offer automatic notifications whenever a certification is about to expire or equipment needs to be replaced.
  • We handle all of the local, state, and federal paperwork to ensure that your program is properly registered and fully OSHA compliant.

As part of your corporate health and wellness program, our training and products also help you save time and money. Annuvia's experienced healthcare professionals bring our life-saving knowledge to you, training your emergency response team how to respond to a medical emergency.

Annuvia can completely manage your medical emergency response programs. Your emergency response team learns from the wealth of our experience. We prepare your staff for quick, appropriate reaction with our workplace safety training programs. Annuvia ensures you can be confident in your organization's compliance and readiness.

Customize Annuvia's services to fit your budget, timeframe, and your organization. Invest in your safety and your productivity. Annuvia helps guarantee good safety is good business.